The journey of a hair designer usually starts at an early age when you pick up a pair of clippers or shears and start cutting your family and friends hair for fun. Then after refining yourself over and over again, your interest and creativity starts a burning fire of wanting to learn more. This was when I chose to look into the career of cosmetology and barbering. After graduating from Lee County High Tech Central in cosmetology, The interest sparked for the all-around education of our beauty industry.

Pursuing a thirst for knowledge, I was eager to seek the best barbers and stylist nearby so I could learn the tricks of the trade and implement a unique style. During the 3rd and 4th years of this amazing career, I was able to have the honor of winning 4 different barber awards.

Winning (2) 1st places and (2) 3rd places, this sparked a deep love for the industry even more. On the 5th and 6th  year behind the chair, the Redken Specialist program was the next goal to accomplish in which the world of hairstyling opened many doors of creativity with colors and styles.

On the 7th year of this journey, after finding a lack of knowledge in our area of SWFL for clients that were having hair loss trouble, I went on a sincere mission to help one of our closest friends that were going through a hair loss situation. Traveling from Fort Myers, Fl to St. Louis, Missouri the mission went further to seek out one of the leaders of the industry in this service. Once the ultimate accomplishment was completed at that time, I became certified as a Prosthetic Management Case Specialist.

How excited I was bringing this knowledge back home to our community and friends. Although Men’s Grooming is what I concentrate my time on, a passion for Women’s Hairstyling never stopped as well. Keeping our hands fine-tuned and spending two days a week of training. I found my comfort in designing and practicing Women’s hairstyling, haircuts, and colors. With the endless styles of colors and hairstyles, it seemed like an never-ending adventure for me to travel.

On my 8th year behind the chair, I decided to open my first business of Mphd Hair Designers. With 8 years of expertise, we have developed a system in which we concentrate on Men’s Hair and have a great approach of a full-service salon system to make it as comfortable and enjoyable for mothers and daughters to get their hair colored and styled as well.