MPHD Services

Men’s Grooming 

Our system of men’s grooming will be based upon a tremendous educational program delivering the most up to date techniques in our industry for men. It will be an all-around professional, relaxing, and artistic session for each client in our chairs.

Women Hairstyling

Making women feel amazed with their look is about having clear communication with your client. Understanding their needs, daily lifestyle, and maintenance awareness will be our foundation to create the best look for our clients. Mphd Hair Designers educational rubric will guide you through every step of the way. Showing our hair designing abilities and product knowledge is what we pride on at Mphd.

Design Hair Tattooing

Design Hair Tattooing has become ever more popular in our beauty industry. It is now a fashionable style to wear not only for men but for women as well. Practicing and performing this art is a delight for our hair designers at Mphd. Here at Mphd Hair Designers we will have an endless amount of design creativity to perform for friends and families in our community.

Cranial Prosthesis

Hair loss could be a major tragedy for anyone. Especially if it’s through an unexpected circumstance in someone’s life like a congenital disease. For example, Alopecia Aureate, Lupus, high blood pressure, and cancer. These are some of the causes of traumatic hair-loss. Here at Mphd one of our hair designers will evaluate the condition of each client and create a complimentary  hair loss solution plan specifically designed for them. A Non surgical hair replacement solution can be one of the best options for traumatic hair loss. We will make a 100% real human hair custom unit designed to fit like a glove for each client.