Cranial Prosthesis

Hair loss could be a major tragedy for anyone. Especially if it’s through an unexpected circumstance in someone’s life like a congenital disease. For example, Alopecia Aureate, Lupus, high blood pressure, and cancer. These are some of the causes of traumatic hair-loss. Mphd is the most trusted Non-surgical hair replacement system in America. Partnered with the most elite and certified representatives in the industry, we strive to make a precise custom fit with 100% human hair for our clients. Our units are handmade to fit like a glove for each person.

Have you ever felt down and unmotivated because of your traumatic hair loss?  Medical Prosthesis & Hair Designers is a company established in South West Florida, with a motto of: (Look Better, Feel Better, Be Better). Dedicated to serving our community that is going through traumatic hair loss complications. Going through a hair loss is already stressful enough, Medical Prosthesis & Hair Designers is dedicated to making the process easier and convenient for you.  Our wigs and hairpieces are handmade with 100% human hair. There is always a time to feel better and have a new look to you. Our mission at Medical Prosthesis & Hair Designers is to give you the best natural look overall for you to be able to focus on your regular health, work, and daily activities.